Charlie Youle

Charlie Youle

Work from This is the End of the World and Horror, Anxiety, and the Continental Holiday.

“This series of prints depicts a quiet and scenic apocalypse, an unexplosive sci-fi fantasy of two worlds nearly colliding. The scenes are set in the past and refer to a constant changing and dying of the surface of the world, that history itself grinds the landscape and civilisations into dust. The views offer opposing vanishing points and different perspectives; they are collaged dreams of perfect holidays. They remind me of coming to grips with the fact that the earth is round, that Australians live upside-down to us and imagining the ends of the world, meeting up with itself.”


“These are a series of digital prints that I made in response to notions of Edmund Burke’s Sublime, nostalgia and tourism. These prints have been made from found postcards, and I have erased the landscape, leaving behind the solitary and meditative viewer. Recalling Caspar David Friedrich’s vertiginous paintings of landscapes, these prints depict a lone person viewing a landscape, and we see them from behind, absorbed in their activity, looking into the void, an unimaginable landscape, or the flat illusionless surface of the print.” – Charlie Youle

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