Alterazioni Video

Alterazioni Video

Work from I Would Prefer Not To.

“The relationship, both passioned and obsessive, which the group developed in a daily engagement with the web provides the backdrop of this project. For months the artists lived on Google-images and on different search engines appropriating the experiences and memories of other users with whom they shared a collective imagery in a continuous expansion and which is beyond control. Their exploration led to a reflection on the “web 2.0” aesthetics which is self-propagating within the world wide web and changing our way of knowing and perceiving the world.

The artists have stated about this exhibition that:

“We spent hours surfing the net among thousands of images each day. We began to think that every smile, every glance we encounter might be intentionally dedicated to us. We became aware of living a shared intimacy in which small gestures and memories reproduce themselves ad infinitum and offer themselves to many without losing their freshness. Through the net we become closer to the other without intrusion and we can share with him a visual universe of unimaginable dimensions, a pulsating and vital place with which we are all madly in love”.” – Alterazioni Video

via Random Magazine

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