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Massimo Grimaldi

Massimo Grimaldi Work from his oeuvre. “Mariem Before The Image ‘Rubine’ and Daba Before The Image ‘Magnesia’ are two hyperdecorative images in front of which two children, Mariem and Daba, are standing, looking back at the viewers watching them. Once absent, their names remain bound to those of the images, recalling their presence and representing […]

Agostino Bonalumi

Agostino Bonalumi Work from his oeuvre. “Agostino Bonalumi (1935) created works, which are strongly determined by geometrical shapes. His attempt at breaking up these stiff shapesled him to a freedom of movement of the included objects. Monochrome works appeared, whose ridges and troughs are marked by wires attached on the back. The compact structures of the […]

Luigi Ghirri

Luigi Ghirri Work from It’s Beautiful Here, Isn’t It…. “…Uncannily prescient, Ghirri shared the sensibility of what became known in the U.S. as the New Color and the New Topographics movements before they had even been named. Like his counterparts in Italian cinema, Ghirri believed the local and the universal were inseparable, and that life’s […]

Grazia Toderi

Grazia Toderi Work from Orbite Rosse. “Grazia Toderi chose to project video because her material is light that travels and that appears when it encounters a surface, and also because it can be transmitted simultaneously throughout the world. Light also makes our existence possible, arriving from the stars, a mysterious energy with which we play and live. And […]

Stefano Calligaro

Stefano Calligaro Work from his oeuvre. “The nature of Stefano Calligaro’s practice can be seen as a minimal intent to describe the construction of an artwork through layers of gestures as collecting displacing and remodeling materials, images and meanings. The works and their subtle presence in the space are tracing a constellation of references in constant […]

Renato Leotta

Renato Leotta Work from Mirror Project. “Mirror Project is a series of exhibitions organized by Barriera, Turin, where the invited artists will work and discuss with the space, developing a site specific project. The protagonist of Mirror Project’s first edition is Renato Leotta. Leotta worked on space-time coordinates, defining a new path within the exhibition space. […]

Alterazioni Video

Alterazioni Video Work from I Would Prefer Not To. “The relationship, both passioned and obsessive, which the group developed in a daily engagement with the web provides the backdrop of this project. For months the artists lived on Google-images and on different search engines appropriating the experiences and memories of other users with whom they […]

Aleksandra Mir

Aleksandra Mir Work from her oeuvre. Mir is performing at Exit Art tonight. Below is an interview from the Venice Biennale with Roberto Balò & Lorenzo Capanni. The first question is obviously: what are you going to show at the Biennale? I have printed 1 million fake postcards of Venice, entitled “VENEZIA (all places contain all […]

Maurizio Cattelan

Maurizio Catellan Work from his awesome oeuvre. “Maurizio Cattelan has been described as an art-world joker; an artist/funnyman who, following avant-garde tradition, repeatedly transgresses the accepted boundaries that define the art system and society in general. The humour in his theatrical and wilfully anarchic gestures, such as stealing the contents of an Amsterdam art gallery […]