Hannah Whitaker

Hannah Whitaker

Work from her oeuvre.

“…Combining scientific, mystical, and animal elements, these photographs convey a sense of naïve curiosity and experimentation. The title emphasizes a common thread in many of the pictures–the notion that looking directly at something can be dangerous. So the lightheartedness of certain photographs (X-Ray Specs as fashion accessory or white rabbit as backdrop for a rainbow) is undercut by a sense of encroaching harm and the heavy sublimity of the natural world.

Hannah’s images could be considered magical in the realistic panorama usually associated with photography. This magic, originating in curiosity and the impulse to modify, takes the image beyond the mere issue of its credibility. Visually both jaunting and enamoring, Hannah’s photographs combine the unpredictability of nature with human elements, lending mental and visual cleverness to each photograph and the series as a whole.” – press release from the Y Gallery.

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