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Casey James Wilson

Casey James Wilson Work from his oeuvre. “The peculiar reverence we have for natural forms, including fabricated imitations, is central in this current body of work as a way of looking at materiality and cultural trends.  Images constructed in the studio documenting found detritus of casual happenstance are juxtaposed with scenes recorded outside to expose […]

Samara Scott

Samara Scott Work from her oeuvre. ” I think about it as a sort of liquidy making, where naive absent-minded processes direct material – leftovers, scum, scraps that I surround myself with – and trickle it through all sorts of ranges. This might be anything from an interiors range, a fashion range or a range […]


Breach @ Rod Barton Gallery “Rod Barton Gallery is pleased to present Breach, an exhibition focusing on four young artists who embrace photography’s plasticity and it’s ability to exist in multiple contexts. Taking advantage of the medium’s inherent instability, they further explore and challenge our understanding of the medium. The title refers to both a […]

Joshua Petherick

Joshua Petherick Work from his oeuvre. “Joshua Petherick has created a body of work that throws objects and images into orbit around the position Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur – translated from Latin to mean ‘The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived.’ Petherick pulls together a selection of falsities and conceited […]

Laurie Chareyre and Mathieu Courbier

Laurie Chareyre and Mathieu Courbier Work from their oeuvre. “Laurie Chareyre and Mathieu Courbier try to rehabilitate elements, objects or spaces discredited in sensitive installations. A work that focuses on differents mediums and various scales. Detailed miniatures, raw installations, sculpture, photography or still painting and sewing become the accessories of the expression of a nostalgia, […]

Andrew B Myers

Andrew B Myers Work from his oeuvre. “Andrew B. Myers is a photographer and image maker that lives and works in Toronto, Canada. His work is often characterized by its use of color and composition as well as it’s application of subject matter such as pop culture, nostalgia, and situational humour.” – Andrew B Myers

Michael Rolph

Michael Rolph Work from his oeuvre. “At the heart of all my work there is an incurable focus on questioning ‘beauty’ and ‘reality’, with many of the images celebrating the banal. In a failed attempt to explain my thought process: Often we think without words, not just words spoken, but not even words in one’s […]

Jesse Ash

Jesse Ash Work from his oeuvre. “Jesse Ash: I have been reading a bit about the chess grand master Bobby Fischer, who only passed away recently. His story is fascinating. But I think his match against Boris Spassky in Reykjavik really interests me. The match was presented as a ‘cold war battle’ and so had […]

Anna Krachey

Anna Krachey Work from Land/Landscape “Maybe it’s important to make a distinction between what gets called materialism and what real materialism might be. By materialistic we usually mean one who engages in craving, hoarding, collecting, accumulating with an eye to stockpiling wealth or status. There might be another kind of materialism that is simply a […]

Jack Dingo Ryan

Jack Dingo Ryan Work from Scriabin’s Mustache. “Alexander Scriabin was a Russian composer whose life and eccentricities becomes a conceptual nexus for this collection of work. Killed by combing and rupturing a carbuncle nested in his flamboyant mustache, Scriabin’s life and musical oeuvre is an opportunity to construct and explore interests in conspiracies of form […]