Cassandra C. Jones

Cassandra C Jones

Work from send me a link.

“While contemporary technology has brought forth droves of artists and amateurs alike using digital means to create a photograph, Cassandra C Jones explores digital media without adding to a world over saturated with images. In her current solo show titled Send Me a Link, with Baer Ridgway Exhibitions in San Francisco, Jones recycles images found through internet research and recontextualizes them through still and animated digital collage, creating a sense of motion and depth through static imagery. By incorporating images that are repeatedly used in amateur and stock photography, Jones redefines the viewer’s relationship to the appropriated photo and creates a new understanding of the world’s bond to the ubiquitous image.In this body of work, Jones constructs new assembled images from photos which would be considered cliche or mundane, due to the mass quantities existing in modern resources. For example, in Disco Girl and Car Fire, Jones demonstrates how the viewer is already linked to the visual symbols within each video. The appropriated images create new photos and videos without any direct manipulation, redefining the nature of collage through contemporary digital means. In the Lightning Drawings, Jones digitally overlays images of lightning strikes to create drawings, connecting the tools of drawing and photography. Similarly, Swarm and Iris expose the multiplicity in modern imagery through single figures being reconstructed to overlap creating pattern and depth. Each of these images allow the viewer to consider the individuality and multiplicity of the subject matter, revealing the repetitive and over saturated qualities of the modern photograph. The exhibition, Send Me a Link, not only demonstrates how easily photos and videos are shared socially through modern technology, but also gives a context for how we relate to these images in our daily lives.” Julie Henson for The Daily Serving.

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