Art Fun Club

Art Fun Club

Work from their oeuvre.

“Do not be fooled by our name. We do take art seriously.
We are a collaboration group of three artists who were beginning to reconsider their full devotion to the artist way of life. It was quite challenging for us to manage both life and art, since we liked both.

There was a moment when we realized that we were slowly stopping being just professionals, and becoming more of consumers. At this point we figured that we could blend these two positions – of art makers and art consumers.

If these two positions exist, then there also has to be a place in between the two of them. Usually you either declare yourself as an artist or as not an artist. Or one declares something as an art piece or as not an art piece. We want to be at this place where nobody wants to be – in between. Where we can take from both, and hopefully, give to both. This is why we do not say that we make art works, but works about art. Works that are related to art.

We make works out of books that are about art. A book of art as an art object. Books of art as a materialization of the entire art in one object. So when we use these books, we actually use them as a metaphor for art itself. When we place these books into different situations, adoring them, loving them, laughing at them, criticizing them, playing with them… we actually do that with art itself.

By doing so we are trying to add something that does not exist in contemporary art, even though we are not yet exactly sure what is missing, and what it is that we are adding.” – Art Fun Club

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