Naho Kubota

Naho Kubota

Work from Unrevealed and Minimum Structure.

“Unrevealed, a continuous body of work, takes unknown organic forms and transforms them into abstract color patches using subdued colors and a soft focus. The simple use of muted colors removes the observer from the conscience and allows a disconnect from its inherent pattern making and dominance in our senses. These mysterious forms of color and texture therefore engage the mind on an unfamiliar level of perception.

The project “Minimum Structure” started three years ago as a photo collection of strangely appealing machinery parts and landscapes. My interest lies not in the functionality of thesestructures, but rather in thestructuresthemselves. With a little exploration, we can always find a hint of nonsensical abstraction hiding in our everyday life. Excluding the subjects from their original purpose creates an image that is imaginatively isolated from reality.” – Naho Kubota via WIPNYC.

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