Travis Shaffer

Travis Shaffer

Work from the ongoing series Keyword : Community.

In order (top to bottom): Art Gallery:Manhattan, Church:Kentucky, Pub:United Kingdom, and Walmart:United States.

“My work addresses the inter-connectivity of contemporary life through the discourse of visual culture. In my practice I re-contextualize visual and textual information gathered from sources both real and virtual. Using craft as a divisive tool, I re-present this research as art, integrating an aesthetic and typically seductive component into the presentation of said data. These works take form as mixed media sculpture, artist’s books, installations, performances and photographic prints. The resulting works blur the distinction between the formal art object and didactic representation.

In the Project “Keyword : Communities” I have generated a system for the visualizing the relationship between particular spatial and institutional communities, this work attempts to draw attention to the distribution and frequency of said communal centers within particular geographic regions. The data from this ongoing body of work is sourced from google maps keyword searches of particular regional communities (hence project name and titling structure). Physically these works exist in two states. The sculptural pieces are 3 foot square by 3/4″ deep, they have each keyword location recessed into the surface, and are painted using traditionally automotive methods to achieve a high gloss industrial finish. The second incarnation of the work is a series of 10″ square silver gelatin print portfolio made using a digital negative system.” – Travis Shaffer

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