Jessica Pooch

Jessica Pooch

Work from herĀ oeuvre.


The work “inside Mondrian” is constituted in an installation consisting of a projector, a fog machine, a

Metal tube and a ventilator. Beamer and fog machine to face off in a line. The projector projects the image without interruption. The fog machine is equipped with a metal pipe through which the mist is focused and is expelled at a rate 5 sec fog, 20 sec break. Once the fog shoots toward projector, the projected image is visible. By the beam of the projector and the mist as base, “Composition with red, yellow, blue and black, shall be held in space.

The image is projected on the mist through the fan in motion and held. Again and again builds up that image put on new.


These are six silicone casts a stone and a framed photograph of the original.All stones are identical in shape and size. The casts are made of cast plaster.The pictured in the photograph stone was stolen from a landscaped garden.The original stone is visible only in the form of reproductions in the exhibition.

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