Fach and Asendorf (Gallery)

The Fach and Asendorf Gallery is a collaborative project between Ole Fach and Kim Asendorf.

Their debut exhibition features the works of Emilio Gomariz and Andrey Yazev. While not in the exhibition, I have included one of Gomariz’s works that shares a process with his works in the show.

“The Internet, it is everywhere. It is here, it is there and it is where you actually are. It is so huge that nobody ever could print it. It is so deep that no one ever would dive to its end. There is peace and war in it, love and hate and all between. Once you have traveled trough it, you will never forget, and you will come back, asap, lol.

The Internet is a digital reflection of our real life world, but with much more freedom, with the option to be who ever you want, and this is really important, with an off-switch. It is a massive playground, a television with infinite channels and the greatest exhibition space.
In short, we love it.

And we, the Fach & Asendorf Gallery claims to be an important and interesting part of it.

The Internet makes it pretty easy and mobile for us to discover artworks from all over the world. Yes, and it seems that it had made it possible that some artworks get a behavioral like an autonomic creature. Sure, it is good if your work goes around the world, without any special effort beside putting a proper documentation on your website. The art and design blogosphere works as a neat filter if you frequently visit your favorite blogs.

But do you really want that? Do you just want to view the presorted stuff? That thought is pretty commercial, too commercial.

The Fach & Asendorf Gallery is the major online exhibition gallery for net.art, media art, digital madness and satisfaction.
We believe in electricity, bits, brains, glitch and curiosity. We are a seeder. — We don’t just reblog posts from other sites, we seed the freshest and latest works of a very fine selected group of exceptionally artists.” – Fach and Asendorf


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