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Joachim Schmid

Joachim Schmid Work from Meetings on Holiday. “Schmid’s use of extended series reflects his concern with photography as an encompassing, culturally dispersed and ubiquitous social and aesthetic discourse that runs throughout the public and private spheres of modern life. Yet the fundamental richness of Schmid’s photographic raw material – along with the sardonic wit he […]

Bas Jan Ader

Bas Jan Ader Work from his oeuvre. “…Much of Ader’s work centered on the simple act of falling. Fall I (Los Angeles), 1970, documented in black and white, Conceptual-style photographs, finds the artist sitting in a chair atop the roof of his California bungalow. In the sequence that follows, he inexplicably loses his poise, awkwardly […]

Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel Works from Super Mario Clouds, Super Mario Movie, F1 Racer Mod, and Colors (which he gives a step by step on how to make your very own). Even his splash page is art. HUGE BONUS: You can the download the ROM of Arcangel’s video game modification of the classic Space Invaders, Space Invader […]