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Antoine Lefebvre

Antoine Lefebvre Work from Base Camp at  Bielefeld Kunstverein. “Artists Unlimited is pleased with the first exhibition with the cooperation initiative Bielefeld subculture. Antoine Lefebvre, our 80th Guest artist shows his work in the new number to place. The New York artist Antoine Lefebvre plays with targeted media and materials. Raised in the South of France, he lived for a […]

Zach Gage

Zach Gage Work from Data. “With my installation, Data, I explore a number of discrepancies surrounding our use of data, and how that use is, or could be, shaping our lives for the better or worse. As a society, we are in a transitional time where we are no longer packing our memories into cardboard boxes, […]

Keith Telfeyan

Keith Telfeyan Work from his oeuvre. “I believe in the freedom of things, and the energy that moves around and through the world like wind. I create as an act of expression, to assert my pulse, to live. The things I create enter the world as transformed energy, and exist freely. I make pictures that […]

Alana Celii

Alana Celii Work from her oeuvre. “A lot of my ideas come about through happenstance. I typically shoot first without thinking too much about my ideas, and edit later. Editing is a large part of my process. I saw Jason Fulford speak a long time ago, and he said that he cut up his contact […]

Grant Willing

Grant Willing Work from Svart Metall. “‘Svart Metall’ is an investigation into the themes and ideals of the black metal music genre. Black metal explores the ideas of ancient pagan and satanic views and presents these feelings in a violent, often cacophonous style of music. Progressing from the themes of the music, a subculture has […]