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Mateusz Sadowski

Mateusz Sadowski Work from The Resonance  @ Galeria Stereo 10 January – 22 February 2014 “ML: Can you briefly describe the technique in which the film “Resonance” was made? Mateusz Sadowski: To simplify things it’s enough to say that the film was made in the technique of stop-motion animation. Technically speaking the realization of “Resonance” can be […]

Toril Johannessen

Toril Johannessen Work from Teleportation Paradigm at Unge Kunstneres Samfund “TELEPORTED You may have had the experience of waking up in a strange place, not realizing where you are, or for a short time thinking that you are somewhere quite different? At the Teleportation Paradigm exhibition, everything has been organized for such a spatial confusion to take place – […]

Angela Bulloch

Angela Bulloch Work from her oeuvre. “Angela Bulloch is interested in systems that structure social behaviour. Her functional sculptures, light and sound works play with the ways in which we construct and interpret different types of information, be it related to art, literature, cinema, music, or issues of ownership and authorship. Her multi-disciplinary installations marry […]

Chris Cornish and Alison Moffett

Chris Cornish and Alison Moffett Work from Cube Project. A cube primitive is fractured and exposed to physical dynamics. A sequential test, exploring notions of space, volume and time, resulting in an object that is both poetic, turbulent and null. A collaboration with Alison Moffett.” – Chris Cornish

Neil Clements

Neil Clements Work from Bad History. “There are bubbling-under theatrics in this solo exhibition by Neil Clements. A recording of a grandiose synthetic organ refrain plays on a loop, aurally filling the warehouse gallery space as it circles the pitched ceiling, whistling into the decayed holes in the roof and reverberating in the invasive foliage […]