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Robin Maddock

Robin Maddock Work from LA Pong. “…When I got in touch with Maddock recently, I found out that he had spent two months earlier this year in California. “I don’t want to be that dark, gray, gothic English guy all my life,” he told me. “I need a bit of optimism and sunny California stuff.” […]

Daniel T. Braun

Daniel T. Braun Work from his oeuvre. “I use the media of photography in different and experimental ways. Not as an end in itself but to explore the phenomenology of the media for my idea of an image. Sometimes a picture is the result of a performative act, and sometimes I operate in a pictorial, […]

Chris Cornish and Alison Moffett

Chris Cornish and Alison Moffett Work from Cube Project. A cube primitive is fractured and exposed to physical dynamics. A sequential test, exploring notions of space, volume and time, resulting in an object that is both poetic, turbulent and null. A collaboration with Alison Moffett.” – Chris Cornish