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Rachel de Joode

Rachel de Joode Work from Soft Inquiry. The representation of objects, the consciousness of matter and the exposed and secret nature of things continue to be the main points of departure in de Joode’s latest body of work. Through an installation of beguiling objects that straddle the realms of sculpture and image, de Joode chooses […]

Daniel T. Braun

Daniel T. Braun Work from his oeuvre. “I use the media of photography in different and experimental ways. Not as an end in itself but to explore the phenomenology of the media for my idea of an image. Sometimes a picture is the result of a performative act, and sometimes I operate in a pictorial, […]

J. Parker Valentine

J. Parker Valentine Work from her oeuvre. “‘Could a photograph be something that you have scanned; is that a type of photograph?’ J. Parker Valentine posed this question to me upon my invitation to contribute to this project, and I realized the complexities of answering yes or no. I once taught an experimental drawing class […]

Jojo Luzhou Li

Jojo Luzhou Li Work from her oeuvre. “My sculpture is sometimes really a photo and my photo is actually a painting.  By this I mean that my work investigates the realm between image and object, confusing and hopefully destabilizing the lines between photographic image, painterly gesture, and three-dimensional space and the various kinds of information […]