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Shirana Shahbazi

Shirana Shahbazi Work from her oeuvre. “How real or abstract is photography? Shirana Shabazi’s work has circled around this theme for over ten years. Often she arranges her images in startling combinations. For instance, abstract color gradations are placed alongside a double portrait, followed by a black and white steppe-like landscape, then a still life […]

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin Work from Afterlife. “Afterlife is a re-reading of a controversial photograph taken in Iran on 6 August 1979. This remarkable image, taken just months after the revolution, records the execution of 11 blindfolded Kurdish prisoners by firing squad. The image, which captures the decisive moment the guns were fired, was […]

Mohammadreza Mirzaei

Mohammadreza Mirzaei Iranian photographer whose work is photographically self-referential, really solid stuff. Work from The Encounters and Humans.