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Carlos Irijalba

Carlos Irijalba Work from his oeuvre. “Carlos Irijalba (Pamplona, 1979) graduated at the Basque Country University and UDK Berlin with professor Lothar Baumgarten. His work analizes the way in which Western culture recreates an abstract medium that loses all relations except to itself. Spectacle has marked out the plane of the visible so it can […]

Olve Sande

Olve Sande Work from his ouevre. “Possessed of a balance of architectural and literary substance, Olve Sande’s works are striking for the peculiar familiarity they evoke. At once recognisable and unconventionally contrived, their allure is as unquestionable as their imagery is imaginary. His is a charged vision.” – text via Culturehall.

Anthony Lepore

Anthony Lepore Work from New Wilderness. “Anthony Lepore’s New Wilderness is a series of photographs that lay bare nature as an historical construct governed by human invention and intervention. Although these images often suggest collage or post-production alterations, they are produced with a 4 x 5 camera in visitor centers and on the edges of […]