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Daniel Chew

Daniel Chew   Work from Search Terms “With the work search terms I am interested in a space that exists differently when viewed in the virtual and the physical, in this case the place of the mirror within the image. While green screen technology enables a juxtaposition of infinite possibilities, its reading of space applies […]

Lernert & Sander

Lernert & Sander Work from Chocolate Bunny, How to Explain it to my Parents and I Love Alaska (full video here). How to Explain it to my Parents is a documentary series in which 9 artists explain to their mom/dad what their work is about. For context, the artists’ work should be viewed if you are not […]

Hermann Zschiegner

Hermann Zschiegner Work from 34 Parking Lots. Zschiegner makes some incredibly interesting Google art (primarily Google image searches, etc, but tactile representations of Google info regardless). “This self-published booklet is the first in a series of artist books dealing with photography in the age of Google image search. This one pays homage to Ed Ruscha’s […]