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Jesse Ash

Jesse Ash Work from his oeuvre. “Jesse Ash: I have been reading a bit about the chess grand master Bobby Fischer, who only passed away recently. His story is fascinating. But I think his match against Boris Spassky in Reykjavik really interests me. The match was presented as a ‘cold war battle’ and so had […]

Tokihiro Sato

Tokihiro Sato Work from Trees and his oeuvre. There is a lecture this afternoon by Sato @ Indiana University in Bloomington, IN in conjunction with The Center for Integrative Photographic Studies. Trees is currently showing at Haines Gallery in San Francisco. “Tokihiro Sato’s images of the stately trunks of Japanese beech trees amid the undergrowth […]

Robert Kulisek

Robert Kulisek Work from Photographing Sculptures. “Offered here is artwork as a form of investigation, not artwork as an authoritative assertion. To perceive a photograph (or artwork) in such a way is to point to something unsure inside of it, to insist on the once and future presence of a thing, an event, or a […]

Elizabeth Raymer Griffin

Elizabeth Raymer Griffin Work from Tacking, Rigging, and Weighting and Lifejackets. All prints are 4×5 contact prints (or several of them). Check out her video collaboration with Matt Griffin. “I am concerned with breaking patterns. In my work, I explore personal pathologies, both inherited and invented. I spend a tremendous amount of time analyzing my […]

Christine Shank

Christine Shank Images from Interiors. Statement below. “I love stories – from others, from fiction, from the news, from poetry, from memories – I imagine the desperate situations of personal relationship as scenes of tragic disasters. I enjoy the way in which words placed next to one another elicit an image. The way an image […]