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Casey James Wilson

Casey James Wilson Work from his oeuvre. “The peculiar reverence we have for natural forms, including fabricated imitations, is central in this current body of work as a way of looking at materiality and cultural trends.  Images constructed in the studio documenting found detritus of casual happenstance are juxtaposed with scenes recorded outside to expose […]

Bobby Scheidemann

Bobby Scheidemann Work from Everybody is Trying. “In Everybody is Trying I shoot intuitively to create a narrative out of my surroundings. Taking notes from cinema, I merge studio constructions and the ephemeral to alter the perception of the present moment. The photographs, influenced by Miroslav Holub’s essay Tissue Culture or, About the Last Cell, […]

Barry Stone

Barry Stone Work from I Met a Unicorn. “To say that unicorns have an existence in heraldry, or in literature, or in imagination, is a most pitiful and paltry evasion. What exists in heraldry is not an animal, made of flesh and blood, moving and breathing of its own initiative. What exists is a picture, […]