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Jennifer Steinkamp

Stills from Daisy Chain video installation The Wreck of the Dumaru video installation and Orbit, 2 video installation Jennifer Steinkamp “My artwork uses computer animation to craft immersive interactive projection installations. Three dimensional computer graphics are the basis of my animation; animations that take full advantage of the computer’s ability to create motion and points […]

Nate Boyce

Nate Boyce Video stills from (primarily) Russian Mind (with music by Oneohtrix Point Never) “The strobing, multicolored abstractions of S.F.-based video manipulator¬†and musical collaborator Nate Boyce have been known to test your sensory perception to the point of “retinal fatigue.” And, as Boyce explains, it’s all part of a long legacy of video art tradition.” […]

William Wegman

William Wegman Work from his oeuvre. While some of the shorts may be duplicates due to the nature of various compilations, they are all well worth watching. “As he describes such influences — Nauman, Allen Ruppersberg, Ed Ruscha — his tone is measured, respectful, sort of Wall Street Journal meets Artforum. He really lets go […]