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Nate Boyce

Nate Boyce Video stills from (primarily) Russian Mind (with music by Oneohtrix Point Never) “The strobing, multicolored abstractions of S.F.-based video manipulator and musical collaborator Nate Boyce have been known to test your sensory perception to the point of “retinal fatigue.” And, as Boyce explains, it’s all part of a long legacy of video art tradition.” […]

Sam Songailo

Sam Songailo Work from Media Centre. “‘Abstraction has been less a search for the ultimately meaningful… than a recurrent push for the temporarily meaningless.’* Paintings that look like something are rubbish. Why not take a picture? Or just look at the real thing? Or if you really want to see something differently, just use your […]

Jimmy Joe Roche

Jimmy Joe Roche Work from his oeuvre. While not an essay on Roche, it is very fitting, and he is linked later in the article (not included). “Imagine a technological stew. In this big bubbling cauldron are piles of images, jpegs and mpegs of Super Mario Bros , Thundercats and Care Bears, strangely scratched 80s […]