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Hilary Lloyd

Hilary Lloyd Work from her oeuvre. “Hilary Lloyd’s work is predominantly realized through the presentation of sequential images, either within video or slide installations. This work is rooted in Lloyd’s observation of people, objects and spaces. Each individual piece portrays its subject in isolation: men working at an outdoor carwash in Sheffield, UK (Car Wash, […]

Nicolas Ceccaldi

Nicolas Ceccaldi Work from his oeuvre. “NICOLAS CECCALDI recently produced a series of high-end custom-made surveillance camera prototypes made of melted children’s toys. These biomechatronic dispositives have fantasies of total war inscribed on the surface of their plastic shells and keep a wakeful eye on reality. By plugging them onto video display devices (e.g. a […]

Jana Papenbroock

Jana Papenbrook Work from My Mystical Self. “My Mystical Self is a found footage video installation consisting of digital self-portraits. The omnipresence of self-monitoring, social performance and staged soliloquy illustrates the internalized public prospect, which is represented by the camera’s eye. In a confessional manner, the private body is inspected, measured, commented on and exhibited […]