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John Baldessari

John Baldessari Work from his new book, Pure Beauty. “The combination of film, photography and painting has become one of the key elements in Baldessari’s art. Beginning with his early photo-and-text works from the late 1960s, the exhibition includes his extensive use of found film imagery in the combined photographs of the 1980s, the irregular-shaped […]

Nicholas Knight

Nicholas Knight Work from the Sentence Diagrams, Frame & Photo, and Taking Pictures. Interview with Nicholas Night: Jordan: In much of your work, there are underlying (and sometimes blatant) references to the production, deconstruction and obfuscation of the original (sentence, work of art, floor, frame, etc). Quite possibly, it is this method of working/thinking (which […]

Martin Creed

Martin Creed Work No. 227, Work No. 790, and Work No. 990. Creed’s website is a treasure trove of great conceptual art that I strongly encourage you visit at length. There is a nice piece about him in Esquire here. “WORK NO. 227: THE LIGHTS GOING ON AND OFF We all have our bad days, […]