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Sean Higgins

Sean Higgins Work from Difficulties with Interplanetary Travel. “Through his pieces, Higgins prods at the human instinct to associate images with the familiar. Namely, there is a tendency for viewers to look for a “real” object/place that exists or has existed when confronted with an amorphous shape in nature, like a cloud or unidentifiable landmass. […]

Patricia Neligan

Patricia Neligan Work from Vorübergehend. “The starting point of my photographic art is the observation of people in relation to space.Here is definitely meant the ambiguity of the term „space“, incorporating both that of theconceptual and the real reference space. I try in my photographic work to create tensionbetween reproduction and the originality of the pictures […]

Ryan Thayer

Ryan Thayer Work from Ceiling Tile Wall, Untitled (Experience of Place), and IKEA Vattern variations. “Ryan Thayer’s work ranges from architectural installations to photography and sound sculptures. He explores structures of power, and their often contradictory manifestations, in buildings and everyday objects. Through models of consumerism, anonymity, and boredom, he isolates these power structures as […]

Ernie Button

Ernie Button Work from Back & Forth and Playing in the Shadows of Space. I have been reading quite a bit about space exploration this week, and it is nice to see some work that is a nice glimpse of the future, as seen from the past.  ____________________________ On the surface, the thought of photographing […]