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Toril Johannessen

Toril Johannessen Work from Transcendental Physics. “Toril Johannessen opens the spring season in NO.5. In her fascination with nature and the history of science she creates her visual works by way of methodical testing and an analytical attitude to the empirical and theoretical. The aesthetic grows up in a personal interpretation of the documentary where […]

Mary K Goodwin

Mary K Goodwin Work from Auto Obscura. “Auto Obscura describes the mixing of the exterior and interior that occurs behind the wheel of a car. It’s a phenomenon that is solitary, isolated, and artificial, and yet also oddly real and beautiful. In Auto Obscura, I turn my 1995 Ford Contour into a camera obscura and […]

Jonathan Gitelson

Jonathan Gitelson Work from The Car Project. “During the summer of 2004, I moved across the street from the Funky Buddha Lounge, a popular nightclub in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. Each night I would park my car on the street, and each morning I would find that numerous club fliers had been shoved beneath my […]

Laurel Woodcock

Laurel Woodcock Work from Walkthrough 3.0. “‘walkthrough’ is an ongoing series of site-specific, text-based interventions into public architecture that create a convergence of cinema and everyday life. The project takes its title from the pre-production term for rehearsals where performers speak their lines, practice cues and movements, but no shooting occurs. The font and formatting […]

Sarah Oppenheimer

Sarah Oppenheimer Work from various installations. I saw the Horizontal Roll installation in St. Louis about a year ago, it was a great piece that interacted extremely well with the environment. “Sarah Oppenheimer creates social experiments in her videos and architectural installations, exploring how individuals navigate constructed space. Folding is the primary exercise in Oppenheimer’s works […]

Sabrina Jungs

Sabrina Jungs Work from the series Displays Unplugged and Himmel. ________________________ General Statement – “To have a view is a visuell phenomenon capable of satisfying human longing, a experience extraordinaire. An impressive view is sure to leave an imprint in the viewer’s memory. Above all, an image of the view connected to feelings of grandeur, […]

Ryan Thayer

Ryan Thayer Work from Ceiling Tile Wall, Untitled (Experience of Place), and IKEA Vattern variations. “Ryan Thayer’s work ranges from architectural installations to photography and sound sculptures. He explores structures of power, and their often contradictory manifestations, in buildings and everyday objects. Through models of consumerism, anonymity, and boredom, he isolates these power structures as […]

Scarlett Hooft Graafland

Scarlett Hooft Graafland Work from the pieces, Polar Bear, The Journey, Salt, and Lemonade Igloo (in order). “Using naïve and childlike colour palettes her photographs draw on the language of the surreal showing familiar objects out of context (a llama wearing balloons, top hats flying through the desert and a pair of naked legs entwined […]