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David Ope

David Ope Work from dvdp. One of the most reliably mesmerizing sites I visit these days is the op-art inspired “visual Chinatown” of Hungarian artist David Ope. While generally Ope presents animated gif works that employ illusory tricks that add dimensions of both depth and time to the screen based images, he occasionally branches out […]

Ryan Barone

Ryan Barone Work from his oeuvre. “I’LL TUMBLE 4 YOU (STATEMENT FOR JORDAN TATE) I want to surf the internet. I want Lolcats and Lyotard. Parker Ito was tagged in an album. I want to feel vulnerable. I want to make my failures public. Katy Ann and Kathy Otto are now friends. I want to […]

The Jogging (Brad Troemel and Lauren Christiansen)

The Jogging (Brad Troemel) Work from The Jogging. ________________ Melissa Paget interviews Brad Troemel Melissa Paget: What are you influenced by? Can you tell me about your work? What materials are you interested in working with? Brad Troemel: On Jogging we classify works as being sculptures, installations, etc. but all of the works on it […]