Archives for the Month of February, 2009

Myoung Ho Lee

Myoung Ho Lee Work from the series TREE. TREE is an intriguing take on the traditional landscape (and portrait). While isolating a tree for the photograph (with a large piece of canvas), Myoung Ho Lee also denies us a view of a significant portion of the landscape, gives an imagined view into his process, and […]

Rebekka Unrau

Rebekka Unrau Work from the series Innerspace. “‘Everything you can imagine is real’ Pablo Picasso Set entirely in my bedroom, the sculptures photographed are symbols of exploration, ingenuity, and inspiration; all creative forces. Alone in my room I used only the available materials and light to investigate the potential of the materials, the space and […]

Barbara Probst

Barbara Probst Work from the series Exposures. “On January 7, 2000, at 10:37 PM, Munich- and New York-based photographer Barbara Probst first employed a technique that remains unique among contemporary artists. Using a remote-control device, she simultaneously triggered the shutters of twelve cameras strategically positioned around a New York City rooftop, and the resultant set […]

Julian Montague

Julian Montague Work from the project Stray Shopping Cart. “The Stray Shopping Cart Project is an ongoing work that began in 1999 as a two page spread in the seminal Buffalo, New York zine Basta! (see PUBLICATIONS). In the beginning the System was comprised of 13 Types, only a few of which would be familiar […]

Packard Jennings

Packard Jennings amuses me. He has collaborated with Steve Lambert and his work was also included in the Shopdropping exhibition from the previous post.  Here’s some pages from a “Welcome to Geneva” pamphlet produced to put in random public locations in Geneva, Switzerland: Packard manufactured a Mussolini Action Figure, which he shopdropped at Wal-Mart, and then […]

Steve Lambert

Steve Lambert‘s Add-Art plugin for Firefox replaces Ad’s in your web browser with curated art images. The images are updated every two weeks and features young contemporary artists and curators. I came across his work for the first time with the Shopdropping exhibition curated by Pond Gallery in San Francisco. He also has great drawings […]

Takashi Suzuki

Takashi Suzuki Work from the series Altus. I am drawn to this work in the same way I am drawn to all out-of-focus work at the moment, mostly due to the tension of wanting to see, and being unable to see (and because my current work is out-of-focus.) Suzuki’s images were not hard to find, […]

Georg Parthen

Georg Parthen Work from the series Landschaften (landscapes) “Landschaften is an ongoing work about the relationship of reality and its image. Digitally altered or constructed photographs of implausible landscapes.For the project I take photos and detailled photographic studies from which I later create images that range from slightly altered to complete digitally composed photographic images. […]

Hasan Elahi

After being accused of terrorism, Hasan Elahi decided to save the government the trouble of spying on him and started streaming his daily activities.  He also showed up on the Colbert Report last May.

Dora García

Dora García poses some interesting questions in her piece, “The Sphinx“. How will you answer?