Archives for the Month of August, 2011

Ger Van Elk

Ger Van Elk Work from The Co-Founder of the Work O.K. “Ger van Elk, an artist whose fascination with man’s role in modern landscape once led him to travel a canal via a small rubber dinghy and, later, navigate the Atlantic, has contributed a series of three color photographs, collectively titled The Co-Founder of the […]

Steve Bishop

Steve Bishop Work from “The Myth of Fingerprints“. Steve Bishop‘s preferred working materials are found, ready-made objects and substances which already carry specific or unalterable characteristics, such as the mouthwash “Cool Mint” by the brand Listerine. Its luminous azure blue lends the appearance of a monochrome painting to his work “Φ”. However, in its immediate […]

Elín Hansdóttir

Elín Hansdóttir Work from On Misunderstanding. “When understanding collapses, confusion follows, and in the mess new discoveries can be made. On Misunderstanding looks into the nature of misunderstandings, into how communication can break down, into behavioral malfunctions, into illusions, distortions and parallel realities. Is it all a question of perspective? A bad translation? Or is […]

Marysia llewandowska and Neil Cummings

Marysia llewandowska and Neil Cummings Work from Museum Futures. “It explores a possible genealogy for contemporary art practice and its institutions, by re-imagining the role of artists, museums, galleries, markets, and academies in the world dominated by a shrinking public sphere.” – Marysia llewandowska via i heart photograph.

Fabian G. Tabibian

Fabian G. Tabibian Work from his oeuvre “My work uses the tropes of painting to examine the impact of the Information Age on the individual and the global community. I consider myself a painter, although I work primarily with lens-based, print-based, and digitally created media. I am more interested in painting as philosophy, rather than painting […]

Lino Lake

Lino Lake Work from his oeuvre. “The painting exciting for me to be his obsessive nature and role ambiguity, obsolete or not in the global context of art where it is always, nonetheless, unexpected. His scholarship seems to break the only rule of art: Freedom. The painting is indeed a closed frame appears to be […]

Phil Collins

Phil Collins Work from his oeuvre. “In all the different strands of his practice Collins investigates the perils of representation and the emotional core of such seemingly transparent media as video and photography. Instinctively distrustful of the camera and its effects, yet responsive to its potential as an instigator of relationships, his works often revolve […]

Daniel Everett

Daniel Everett. Work from his oeuvre. ““Daniel Everett embodies the current technological zeitgeist shared by post dot-com kids, the kids of the dot-com kids, and the relationship we have to our interconnectivity (the internet). His work is jaded, earnest, and self mocking at the same time.” – Beautiful/Decay

Sam Henne

Sam Henne Work from Something Specific About Everything. “I was looking through German’s good prospects (gute aussichten), where the playful, colorful work of Samuel Henne caught my eye. The sketch series of Erwan Frotin and the work of Uta Eisenreich came to mind, and if you grew up with memory games from the seventies, you […]

Michiel Van Der Zanden

Michiel Van Der Zanden Work from his oeuvre. “Using photographs, Van der Zanden, reconstructs space with the help of the 3D computer program Blender. In the digital setting he pulls the space apart. This results in the artificial nature of a virtual space and highlighs the tension within the bigger picture. At the Heden booth […]