Archives for the Month of February, 2013

Moon Intern

Moon Intern Work from their upcoming release, Moon Intern. “Moon Intern is a game unlike any you’ve ever played or even heard of. It’s serialized side-scrolling action RPG about Love, Action and Exploration. Our story is presented in a way unlike most video games, and more like comic books and tv shows. You’re an Intern […]

Marine Hugonnier

Marine Huggonier Work from “Art for Modern Architecture” “In Hugonnier’s Art for Modern Architecture series, the text of each newspaper page is kept intact while Hugonnier’s own silkscreened color blocks replace the photographs. Hugonnier selects newspaper front pages from significant moments in history—from the fall of communism to the end of the Vietnam War or […]

Oval Office

Oval Office (Gaestel / Pallasvuo) Work from  “Future Gallery is proud to present the debut solo exhibition  by artist duo Oval Office (Gaestel / Pallasvuo). Oval Office is a collaborative project by Jaakko Pallasvuo (1987, FI) and Mikko Gaestel (1982, DE/FI). The project focuses on the behavior patterns of a future middle class. OO presents […]

Andy Boot

Andy Boot Work from his oeuvre. “…The works are part of Andy Boot’s ongoing investigation of different zones or planes integral to the organization of an image: Andy Boot asks, all but rhetorically, not to mention paradoxically, if it is possible to make an image that is not an image. Indeed, what constitutes an image now that […]

Bahar Yurukoglu

Bahar Yurukoglu Work from his oeuvre. “Not often does an artist come along who makes installations that look similar to what you may imagine the sensation of teleportation to be like, but here he is — Bahar Yurukoglu. Bahar is from Washington and uses Lights, perspex, glass and projections to create these absolutely mesmerising visuals. […]

Nicolas Deshayes

    Nicolas Deshays   Work from his oeuvre    “Nicolas Deshayes’ sculptural installations use materials such as stainless steel and PVC to embrace the glossy aesthetics of 21st century design.  Despite such fascinations, his works maintain a human presence in the forms of glutinously rich, bodily allusions, which engage with materials in ways that […]

James Welling

James Welling Work from Glass House. Welling has an incredible exhibition/retrospective opening tomorrow at the Cincinnati Art Museum. “Taken over the course of three years (2006–2009), these photographs  were made using a digital camera, and the resulting images capture  the architectural features of Johnson’s 47-acre compound. In addition to  the Glass House, Welling photographed the Brick Guest […]