Archives for the Month of September, 2013

Masood Kamandy

Masood Kamandy Work from Materialism. “These photographs are an exploration of materialism and still-life. Materialism’s meaning is multifold. It is a branch of philosophy in which everything is only matter and energy. It can imply consumerism, and many of the objects I photograph are things one will immediately recognize from any drugstore. It is also […]

Christopher Kulendran Thomas

Christopher Kulendran Thomas Work from the ongoing work “Artworks by some of Sri Lanka’s most celebrated young artists are re-configured by Christopher Kulendran Thomas for the Western art market as part of the ongoing enterprise When Platitudes Become Form. This radical re-marketing of the island’s contemporary art raises funds to resist the oppression of communities displaced […]

Hans Richter

Hans Richter Rythmus 21 & 23. “Richter, on the other hand, decided to adopt an entirely new strategy: rather than attempting to visually orchestrate formal patterns, he focused instead on the temporality of the cinematic viewing experience by emphasizing movement and the shifting relationship of form elements in time. His major creative breakthrough, in other […]

John Houck

John Houck Work from A History of Graph Paper @ On Stellar Rays. “On Stellar Rays is pleased to announce a new exhibition of photographs by JOHN HOUCK. The exhibition celebrates a number of exciting developments at On Stellar Rays, including the gallery’s FIRST SOLO EXHIBITION with Houck, the gallery’s FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and the […]

Guan Xiao

Guan Xiao Work from Survivors’ Hunting “Entering Guan Xiao’s solo exhibition, ‘Survivors’ Hunting’, at Magician Space felt like stepping into a crime scene. It would have taken a detective’s eye to establish the intricate and mysterious connections among the mesmerizing mixture of objects the artist had left behind in the small gallery. Every object there could […]

John McCracken

John McCracken Work from his oeuvre. “The geometric forms McCracken employed were typically built from straight lines: cubes, rectangular slabs and rods, stepped or quadrilateral pyramids, post-and-lintel structures and, most memorably, tall planks that lean against the wall. Usually, the form is painted in sprayed lacquer, which does not reveal the artist’s hand. An industrial […]

Jordan Wolfson

Jordan Wolfson Work from Animation Masks. “‘Animation, masks,’ the 12-minute 29-second film that is the entirety of Jordan Wolfson’s New York gallery debut, has the hallmarks of a classic. It rejuvenates appropriation art through the incisive use of digital animation, achieving an intensity that rivets the ear and the eye while perturbing the mind. Fluidly […]

Loup Sarion

Loup Sarion  “The artist soaked rags simple in resin in order to freeze the time. The use of basic household items highlight the concept of life domestic in contemporary art and refers to the artistic theme of the readymade Duchamp.” – Backlash Gallery

Joshua Citarella

  Joshua Citarella Work from his exhibition at Higher Pictures. “The contemporary means of image production unprecedentedly lend themselves to the transmutation of signs. RGB pixels are implicated as new prima materia delivering objects from the dim confines of materiality into omnipresent electronic radiance. A global network of images has transfigured all bodies and materials […]

Jordan Tate

Jordan Tate Work from Gamut Warning at Denny Gallery, opening reception Sunday, September 15th from 6-8pm. “Denny Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo gallery exhibition in New York City of Jordan Tate, titled Gamut Warning and running from September 14 to October 20, 2013. Jordan Tate’s work represents a shift away from the […]