Causality Labs

Causality Labs 

Work from the pieces (top to bottom) Reasonable Expectation of Privacy, Clock, The Now, no…now, no…now, no…wait, So Far I do not Know, and Shortlived Moments

Causality Labs is a collaboration between Galo Moncayo and Andy Holtin whose work is generally interactive/mechanized sculpture that functions based on (intentional or not) audience participation.

Awesome video piece of Shortlived Moments here.

“Causality Labs pursues an understanding of consciousness through the scrutiny of the mechanisms that render experience knowable and make meaning possible. In direct attention to these mechanisms, whether physical, technical, conceptual, linguistic, or otherwise, these investigations revel in the ambiguities and vagaries of the assumptions that frame our experience. By producing and engaging with performative objects and phenomena, though convoluted and challenged, an awareness of sequence of cause and effect, is heightened. Our own attention, the intervals of memory, and the mediated connection to the material world become both the objects and means of a curiosity carried out in the theater of making, doing, watching, and listening.”

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