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Michal Kohút

Michal Kohút Work from 0,1. “The average blink occurs in just 100-400 milliseconds–so fast that we barely acknowledge the world going black ten times a minute. Blinking is an ingenious, semi-autonomic function that allows us all to worry about bigger problems than perpetually rewetting our eyeballs. “0, 1” is an installation by Michal Kohút (with […]

Daito Manabe

Daito Manabe Work from his YouTube Channel. “Redefining the existent media and technologies from unique angles, he has been active in various fields, such as art, design, and even research and development. He produces sounds, images, and light by analyzing and transforming numerical values gained from various sensors and input devices. He is internationally active […]

Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell Work from his oeuvre. “Mention Jim Campbell in engineering circles and people will assume you’re talking about one of the leading developers of HDTV. Bring up his name in the art world and the cognoscenti will think you’re discussing the new media pioneer whose ultra-low-resolution LED screens reduce loops of video to the […]

Causality Labs

Causality Labs  Work from the pieces (top to bottom) Reasonable Expectation of Privacy, Clock, The Now, no…now, no…now, no…wait, So Far I do not Know, and Shortlived Moments Causality Labs is a collaboration between Galo Moncayo and Andy Holtin whose work is generally interactive/mechanized sculpture that functions based on (intentional or not) audience participation. Awesome […]