Laurel Woodcock

Laurel Woodcock

Work from Walkthrough 3.0.

“‘walkthrough’ is an ongoing series of site-specific, text-based interventions into public architecture that create a convergence of cinema and everyday life. The project takes its title from the pre-production term for rehearsals where performers speak their lines, practice cues and movements, but no shooting occurs. The font and formatting of the adhesive vinyl lettering correspond with the script writing software Final Draft. The playfully conceptual series does not address the cinema through moving images; rather, I produce wall text that is drawn from written dialogue and instructional directions in screenplays.

Initially produced as interventions during a residency at The Banff Centre for the Arts, Curator Kitty Scott commissioned 10 new editions of the series for an exhibition to celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Banff Centre for the Arts featuring a project by Kim Adams in the gallery space, and site interventions by Mark Clintberg and myself. The neon work ‘two love songs’ was also commissioned and displayed on the gallery wall acing into the corridor.” – Laurel Woodcock

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