Devon Oder

Devon Oder

Work from Breaking Light.

“Oder’s recent work explores both the technical processes and the phenomenological experience of the viewer in relation to the medium of photography. Through imagery fluctuating between realism and abstraction, each photograph distorts the landscape, presenting a moment in time ungraspable. Without attempt to clarify but striving to further mystify, Oder creates sublime terror and foreboding through ravishing landscapes, each apocalyptic and majestic; glowing lights in sky, adumbrated trees, and barren forests.

Through the manipulation of Polaroid film, in addition to techniques including multiple exposures, infrared film and lighting filters, Oder allows for a new visual experience to be explored within the old. The exhibition title, Breaking Light, refers to both the literal breaking of the Polaroid emulsion to produce chemical cracks on the surface of the photographs, and the breaking of light itself, through trees, prisms, and lenses.” – Images and text courtesy of the artist and Fourteen30 Contemporary.

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