Abe Linkoln, et al.

Abe Linkoln

Work from Screenfull, Universal Acid and Disco-nnect.

“A trippy pixelated skull and a playlist of warped samples greet visitors to Screenfull.net, the collaborative blog by artists Abe Linkoln (USA) and jimpunk (France). If you like noise bands, dial-up (their browser-slowing tricks tend to frustrate navigation), or the endurance tropes of experimental work, you’ll have the stomach for this noisy, erratic site. Vandalized screen-grabs, animated Photoshop layers, Duchamp references, and grafts of high art and advertising imagery engage both net art practices and the appropriationist strategies of punk, Dada, Situationism, and remix culture. Screenfull’s printable project, THE BOOK, is a collection of menacing jokes and stylish recombinations tranquilized into a PDF format that feels like the eye of the storm, where still images appear without hypertext exit routes. The homepage also links to the artists’ two-week takeover of the Eyebeam ReBlog, where prankish detournement resulted in ornate graffiti, thwarted scrolling, and a looping fragment of ‘Rock the Casbah,’ under horns and staticky chatter. Within these projects, Screenfull’s ability to zero-in on the parodic vulnerabilities of their subjects supports the aim to disrupt the corporatized conventions of online display, or, in their words, the desire ‘crash your browser with content.'” – Johanna Fateman for Rhizome

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