Robert Kulisek

Robert Kulisek

Work from Photographing Sculptures.

“Offered here is artwork as a form of investigation, not artwork as an authoritative assertion. To perceive a photograph (or artwork) in such a way is to point to something unsure inside of it, to insist on the once and future presence of a thing, an event, or a scene before the camera. But it is also to place us in a particular relationship to that work, to stitch us into the perceptual and even the social fabric of what is being seen. This gives both it and us a certain power. As readers and observers of this artwork-as-encyclopedia, it is now up to us to use our new-found knowledge to see beyond whatever impediments remain in our view.
I am a photographer specializing in large-format location photography, detailed cataloging and other field studies of the photographic kind.

There most likely will never be another original photo taken; and so to those who think they can be completely original, the title of this site is dedicated to you.” – Robert Kulisek via i heart photograph.

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