Ryan Boatright

Ryan Boatright

Work from Error, Color Checker, and Instrument Approaches.

Error: “These are initial studies that depict the gap between reality and a photograph. Inspiration for this work grew out of time spent planning and implementing a new digitization strategy capable of generating extremely accurate images. Concurrently, a process was created to quantify the error associated with digitization. Information gathered from these studies will help with the construction of an interactive installation that will utilize this process in real time.

…an image of a pear, the colors of which are gradually replaced with colors calculated from the difference between color measurements taken on the actual fruit and color measurements taken on the photographic representation of the fruit. The final image comprises the color information that is lost through digitization…a way of seeing the difference between the photographed and the real.”

ColorChecker: “The colors in Color Rendition Charts for Future Times Based on the Past have been modeled after to colors found on photographs which document my most memorable experiences. The charts may be used to improve the accuracy of specific images made in the future.”

Instrument Approach: “These silver gelatin prints were derived from a reenactment of an instrument approach into Runway 36R at Charolette/Douglas International by a flight piloted by my father on January 5th, 2009. I replicated the ILS procedure four times in a flight simulator in four different weather conditions ranging from calm to rough with heavy variable winds (similar to the conditions of my fathers actual flight). The activities were filmed and then imported into the computer for further processing. Screen captures of the instrument panel were made in ten second increments, and the Omni-directional Bearing Selector was further cropped in each frame. This instrument is a critical indicator of the planes position vertically and horizontally in space while navigating to the ground in the blind. When the cross hairs remain centered, a successful approach to landing is assured. The mapping of the fluctuation of the indicator needles while flying each approach became the source material used to create the respective photographic abstractions…”

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