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Aslak Vibæk and Peter Døssing

Aslak Vibæk and Peter Døssing (AVPD) Work from their oeuvre. “Only by the use of semi-transparent PVC foil mounted in several layers in different combinations this series of works examines the perception of how the light penetrates the layered transparency film creating vibrant light differentiated surfaces/tones The visibility of the works depends on the light angle […]

Matthew Gamber

Matthew Gamber Work from Any Color You Like. “1 I once taught a color photography class where I had one particular student who would not participate in any class discussions. However, I knew from other classes that he was an excellent student. Later I discovered he was colorblind. Talking about color had no meaning for […]

Ryan Boatright

Ryan Boatright Work from Error, Color Checker, and Instrument Approaches. Error: “These are initial studies that depict the gap between reality and a photograph. Inspiration for this work grew out of time spent planning and implementing a new digitization strategy capable of generating extremely accurate images. Concurrently, a process was created to quantify the error […]

Marlon Kowalski

Marlon Kowalski Work from Plates. From what I can gather given the lack of contextual information on Kowalski’s Plates work, it is examining the nature of reproduction and photographic fidelity. The photograph, and photographed object hang side-by-side, now related to one another physically through the compelling referential reproduction and the existence of the “original”. This […]

Spencer Finch

Spencer Finch Work from Prussian Blue and others. Finch’s work is a great conceptual examination of light and color, and I have only posted a small sampling of it here. Descriptions (in order): Sky (Over Coney Island, November 26th, 2004, 12:47pm. Southwest view over the Cyclone.) | 2004, balloons, helium and string. Installation at Miami […]