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New Hells

   “New Hells” at Derek Eller Gallery. Work by Huma Bhabha, Violet Dennison, Mark Flood, Jason Fox, Jesse Greenberg, Nancy Grossman, Max Klinger, Ajay Kurian, Peter Linde Busk, Rose Marcus, Lionel Maunz, Félicien Rops, Brad Troemel, Jean Veber, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Julia Wachtel, Michael Wang, Ivan Witenstein “Everything seen…Everything had…Everything known…-Arthur Rimbaud, “Departure”With neuroimaging mapping the brain’s pathways of thought and emotion into knowable terrains, the NSA’s omniscience, Google’s purchase of surveillance companies DropCam […]

Ryan Boatright

Ryan Boatright Work from Error, Color Checker, and Instrument Approaches. Error: “These are initial studies that depict the gap between reality and a photograph. Inspiration for this work grew out of time spent planning and implementing a new digitization strategy capable of generating extremely accurate images. Concurrently, a process was created to quantify the error […]