Matthew Gamber

Matthew Gamber

Work from Any Color You Like.


I once taught a color photography class where I had one particular student who would not participate in any class discussions. However, I knew from other classes that he was an excellent student. Later I discovered he was colorblind. Talking about color had no meaning for him.


For years, I had a disagreement with a friend whether Gone with the Wind was originally shot on color film. She had seen the NBC broadcast in the 1970’s on a small black and white television, and did not see it again until 1980’s, in an era when Ted Turner was rebroadcasting numerous colorized movies.

Released in 1939, Gone with the Wind, along with the Wizard of Oz, was commercially successful use of the new Technicolor process. While the Technicolor system is a color process, the original negative is shot as a black and white separation, which is later combined in the final print.

My friend, by default, won the argument.” – Matthew Gamber

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