Ann Woo

Ann Woo

Work from her oeuvre.

“I photograph things that I can’t stop myself from staring at, almost in an obsessive way. I sometimes have instant inspirations from what I see, but they are not so meaningful to me. I spend most of my time alone and often hide and read ‘self help’ books – which friends would always laugh at (I always have to wrap them up and read them secretly, as if I have to be ashamed). Lately, I have discovered that I am starting to understand the meaning of ‘inspirations doesn’t come outwardly, but from within.’ I think it’s less important where to find inspiration but more so to understand where these inspirations or ‘impulses’ come from, why I get inspired by one thing instead of another. Ideas and creation can be limitless. All the time I have spent self–doubting or questioning has actually helped in understanding myself, my concerns, and eventually my work.” – Ann Woo from a conversation with Nymphoto.

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  1. Madilyn Peiper writes:

    I find Ann Woo's words to be much more personally inspirational than her photographs. It's almost tragic.

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