Jaap Drupsteen

Jaap Drupsteen

Work from Hyster Pulsatu.

“Hyster Pulsatu is a theatrical dance performance that could never take place in a theatre. Thanks to the mixing table, the artist becomes a divine choreographer who can let dancers play in space, in rivalry with graphical image elements; who manipulates the space itself, moulding it to every wish and whim. He can split up a body and duplicate it, can zoom in on a body part, change people into dancing pillars or let them glide over he water. And while he is at it, he can stop or speed up the time, and can invent and colour to his heart’s content.

In this video, all this happens with great but controlled enthusiasm for the possibilities of the new technology. Accompanied by pulsating dance rhythms, sometimes alternated with more melancholy music and song, the laws of the theatre and a good few laws of nature (such as gravity) are thrown overboard. This happens undisguisedly; no making believe it is ‘real’. The result is a balanced mixture of dance, video art and television-technical inventions that is a precursor of the possibilities that the future has in store for us.” – text via Catalogue Netherlands Media Art Institute.

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