Aslak Vibæk and Peter Døssing

Aslak Vibæk and Peter Døssing (AVPD)

Work from their oeuvre.

“Only by the use of semi-transparent PVC foil mounted in several layers in different combinations this series of works examines the perception of how the light penetrates the layered transparency film creating vibrant light differentiated surfaces/tones 
The visibility of the works depends on the light angle which makes the perception of each work physical because the viewer has to move the body to find the right angle to make the work appear.


“Pladsen” is an exhibition space situated in the basement of Charlottenborg in Copenhagen. The entire building is listed and to solve the situation of exhibiting works without damaging the walls of the architecture the responsible exhibition group of “Pladsen” decided to erect a detached floor-to-ceiling wall construction, which resulted in a white uniform room.

Flip deals with the situation of this temporary uniform covering of the original historical walls of the room by simply disassembling, flipping and reassembling the five sections of the wall construction. This way creating a new order of the room by exposing the backside of the wall construction.”- AVPD

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