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Roman Signer

Roman Signer Work from Signer’s Suitcase (film by Peter Liechti) “Well-known for his artistic interventions since 1981, Roman Signer (St. Gall) is meanwhile considered one of Switzerland’s most prominent artists. Taking sculpture as his point of departure, Signer preoccupies himself with energy processes or ‘events’ as manifested in the actions he stages. His investigations of […]

Angela Strassheim

Angela Strassheim Work from Evidence. “Angela Strassheim conceptualized her most recent series of images after learning of a violent crime that involved a student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where she was teaching at the time. Strassheim developed the project utilizing a forensic technique commonly reserved for crime scene investigation, which she […]

Life Support – Wallspace Seattle

Crista Dix at Wallspace has organized a print auction to benefit Doctors Without Borders and the people of Haiti. I have a print in the auction, along with some other great work. Please consider giving your support. Buy a print here. [Just as we start a new year, filled with optimism and hope for a […]