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Roman Signer

Roman Signer Work from Signer’s Suitcase (film by Peter Liechti) “Well-known for his artistic interventions since 1981, Roman Signer (St. Gall) is meanwhile considered one of Switzerland’s most prominent artists. Taking sculpture as his point of departure, Signer preoccupies himself with energy processes or ‘events’ as manifested in the actions he stages. His investigations of […]

Niklas Persson

Niklas Persson Work from A Few Specific Actions (Free). “A series of installations explores the dramaturgy of meaning and the modes in which information serves as a way of fixing and containing the world. Leaving everyday objects, carefully composed according to a complex set of binaries and word pairs, leaving us with cryptic messages that […]

Lee Walton

Lee Walton Work from Wappenings and Momentary Performances and Things That Last Longer. Schedule of upcoming performances: Outside of Barbette Restaurant , 1600 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408. Wednesday, September 30 at 10:00am; Person with wiffle ball bat walks curb before finding a penny. Across from the Black Dog Café at the corner or […]