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Helmut Smits

Filling a Hole, 2010. Rainbow, 2010. YouTube (staring at the wall), 2010. A Plastic Plant Acting Like a Real One by Losing Its Leaves, 2009. Helmut Smits Work from his oeuvre. “I believe that every situation, thought or object carries a good work of art in itself. I search for this artwork by going back […]

Ahmet Öğüt

Ahmet Öğüt Works from his oeuvre. “Ogut’s work is an explication of the rights of the individual and the expression of those rights in the face of the requirements of the state. The consequent struggle to make do and live with a sense of self-will sets into motion what might be called game-life. In game-life, the […]

Roman Signer

Roman Signer Work from Signer’s Suitcase (film by Peter Liechti) “Well-known for his artistic interventions since 1981, Roman Signer (St. Gall) is meanwhile considered one of Switzerland’s most prominent artists. Taking sculpture as his point of departure, Signer preoccupies himself with energy processes or ‘events’ as manifested in the actions he stages. His investigations of […]

Tsunehisa Kimura

Tsunehisa Kimura Work from Visual Scandals. “The artist—who passed away in 2008—was well-known for his startlingly realistic collages of urban scenes, often animated with a kind of end-of-the-world, scifi-inflected festivity. Impact craters in the centers of wrecked cities share chaotic page space with Dalí-esque visions of giant human breasts in the sky. Waterfalls scour sublime […]

Amir Zaki

Amir Zaki Work from Eleven Minus One “Amir Zaki’s 11-1 meticulously recreates a group of photographs made in the mid-1980s by internationally-renowned Swiss artists David Fischli and Peter Weiss. Fischll and Weissʼ work, which depicts precariously balancing temporary sculptures intentionally constructed in a slap-dash manner, privilege the photographs over the sculptures themselves, a notion Zaki […]