Archives for the Month of November, 2010

Geoffrey Pugen

Geoffrey Pugen Work from his oeuvre. “With theatrical absurdity, Pugen explores relationships between real and staged performance, the natural and the artificial, and tensions of virtual identity, through altering and manipulating images. Working with video, film, and photography in the digital realm Pugen renders situations that examine our perceptions of how history, documentation, and simulation […]

Phil Toledano

Phil Toledano Work from The United States of Entertainment. “I’ve always felt that the very soul of a country is reflected in the way in which it entertains itself. So how does America amuse itself? And what does it say about the very nature of the American soul? Spectacle. Destruction. Guns. Religion. And of course, scale, giant […]

John Powers

John Powers Work from Star Wars Modern (among others). Below is a blog post Powers wrote regarding statements. The statement in question can be found here. “I spent the morning working on a couple applications. One was for the Guggenheim’s YouTube show. I decided to submit the short test I did with the help of […]


Stills from Sometimes video E-BABY video Pleix What does Pleix mean and how long has it been around? Leti: “PLEIX” doesn’t mean anything, we just liked the sound of it and the look of the letter combination. This name comes from one of us in the group who is very good at finding words that […]

Thomas Traum

Stills from Untitled Painting website Outro & bye bye website Thomas Traum “Likes 3D Agile Manifesto Ann Lee Anti Gravity Brutalism Cars Code Death Decadence Digital Drawing Emotions Football Formula 1 House Music Imagecollections Internet Landscapes Liquids Loops Los Angeles Loudness Minimalism Money Music Noise Paintings Particles Porsche Powder Snow Randomness Rap Reduction Rewinds Satellite […]

Jennifer Steinkamp

Stills from Daisy Chain video installation The Wreck of the Dumaru video installation and Orbit, 2 video installation Jennifer Steinkamp “My artwork uses computer animation to craft immersive interactive projection installations. Three dimensional computer graphics are the basis of my animation; animations that take full advantage of the computer’s ability to create motion and points […]


FIELD (led by Marcus Wendt and Vera-Maria Glahn) “FIELD is a design studio using generative strategies in graphic design and digital art. We design custom software tools and processes to express an idea across a wide range of media: from print to animation, interactive installations and websites. Our goal is to merge code-based design with […]


Zeitguised From the Concrete Misplots series: “Featured in swiss architectural magazine Hochparterre’s “Raumtraum” section, these visualizations of future architectures search for the accidental in computer driven manufacturing processes. Based on iconic housing shapes, these buildings were intended as prototypes for mass-customization. Yet, as things go with computerized manufacturing, there have been misplots. The cartridge was […]

United Visual Artists

United Visual Artists The Creators Project: How did UVA first begin its splendid attacks on our senses? Matt Clark: We met in the world of designing for live performance. Working as individual freelancers, we worked on a couple of projects together and thought, “Why don’t we start up our own thing?” I guess our original […]

Nate Boyce

Nate Boyce Video stills from (primarily) Russian Mind (with music by Oneohtrix Point Never) “The strobing, multicolored abstractions of S.F.-based video manipulator and musical collaborator Nate Boyce have been known to test your sensory perception to the point of “retinal fatigue.” And, as Boyce explains, it’s all part of a long legacy of video art tradition.” […]