Archives for the Month of January, 2011

Grazia Toderi

Grazia Toderi Work from Orbite Rosse. “Grazia Toderi chose to project video because her material is light that travels and that appears when it encounters a surface, and also because it can be transmitted simultaneously throughout the world. Light also makes our existence possible, arriving from the stars, a mysterious energy with which we play and live. And […]

Benjamin Gaulon

Benjamin Gaulon Work from 2.4GHz “The 2.4Ghz project uses a wireless video receiver to hack into wireless surveillance cameras. This device (which is now part of consumers popular products), can be used for wireless surveillance cameras, but it can also be used for parents to monitor their children. Such systems are becoming more popular as […]

Mathieu Weschler

Mathieu Weschler Work from his The Trashmaster “The art of machinima is as old as id Software’s Quake, and popularized as a form by the popular Red vs. Blue Halo shorts… but we’re hard pressed to think of any machinima as bold, inventive or massive of scope as The Trashmaster, a feature-length machinima movie made […]

Florian Freier

Florian Freier Work from Copy-Paste” – Recreating Andreas Gursky (Google Earth Remix) “As many young photographers, I always dreamt about flying around the world, visiting spectacular spots and places, just like Superstar Andreas Gursky does. So finally I decided to stop dreaming and just do It …in Google Earth.” – text via Flachware

Valerie Green

Valerie Green Work from her oeuvre. “Recently, rather than taking photographs you deal with the materiality of photography, whether it’s the symbols on rolls of film or material (Sintra) on which photos are commonly mounted. Can you talk a bit about your relationship to photography and exploring the non-image side of it? You seem to […]

Michael Wolf

Xavier Antin

Xavier Antin Work from Just in Time, or A Short History of Production and Printing at Home. “Xavier Antin is for sure the unsung king of creative desktop printing. In “Just in Time, or A Short History of Production” he aligned up four generation of desktop printers to produce, all in one go, a 44-page […]

Sean Snyder

Sean Snyder Work from his oeuvre. “The various works consist of a series of experiments made by the artist in the process of digitizing and destroying his archive, in which the materials themselves become the subject of investigation. Included is documentation of the physical storage matter such as printed matter, scratched CDs and DVDs, celluloid, […]

Pekka Niittyvirta

Pekka Nittyvirta Work from Corrupted (and one from Trinity). “I’m interested in the idea of visual “noise” or disruption in your images and was wondering if you could talk a little bit about the role that this noise plays when making an image. I think that it is important to shed first some light over […]

Aleksandra Domanovic

Aleksandra Domanovic Work from 30.III.2010. “Here, the big utopia of a new medium, as it was the theme of classic late nineties, is no longer an active concern. The work of the participating artists is characterized by the prosaicness of computer and Internet use, as it became normal for a wide range of the population, in particular […]